WeDidIt Brings Crowdfunding, Ticketing, Peer-to-Peer, and more to AFG.

Allegiance Fundraising Group is proud to announce the acquisition of WeDidIt, which offers a full suite of online fundraising tools, including donation pages, crowdfunding, ticketing, peer-to-peer, and fiscal sponsor solutions.

The opportunity to work with Allegiance is an exciting process for company leaders at WeDidIt, providing a chance to increase awareness of their effective nonprofit systems. The ability to include WeDidIt’s functionality as part of a larger company that brings together a wide variety of valuable nonprofit technologies and services is especially valuable.

Our Stand-Alone Digital Platform Includes:

Donation Pages - Scientifically designed to increase conversions.
Peer to-Peer Fundraising - Raise more money and reach new supporters without any extra staff.
Crowdfunding Campaigns - Launch crowdfunding campaigns in minutes, to technical skills needed.
Simple Ticketing & Events - Sell tickets and manage your events from a simple-to-use interface.
Text-to-Donate Campaigns - Allow your donors to give from anywhere, at your events or on the go.
Memberships - Accept and manage monthly or annual memberships.
Integrated Donor Research - Automatically researches every one of your donors who give through the platform.
Instant Analytics - Get deep insights on performance to help you understand what strategies are working.

Fundraising Management for Fiscal Sponsors

Give each of your projects a donation page along with all of the solutions in our stand-alone digital platform. Say goodbye to manually sending reports days or weeks after the fact. Access all project donor data and payment info in real time from the platform. Plus you can make this data available to your projects and finance team automatically.

Our new platform is FREE to fiscal sponsors and offers flexible monthly plans to fit the needs of your projects.

CRM Integration

These new stand-alone solutions already integrate with several popular CRMs, and Allegiance is working to integrate this new platform with its Fundraising CRM. Plus all contribution data collected is easily exportable.

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