Allegiance Fundraising WordPress Plugin Powers WBUR Marathon Fundraising Event

Last month, WBUR, Boston launched its Marathon Fundraising pledge event using the newly-designed and integrated Allegiance WordPress Plugin.

Using the plugin, WBUR staff created a microsite for their digital first fundraising campaign. Besides a giving page with an embedded Allegiance donation form, the site supported donor engagement by using:

  • TagboardTM to pull social media posts onto the home page in real time.
  • Post suggestions for donors to copy and paste in their social media accounts.
  • An online store.
  • An event promotion page.
  • A sweepstakes page to incentivize donations.

Each page displayed a campaign count down clock showing the time remaining (right down to the second) until the start and end of the Marathon drive and a running total of the number of donors and total dollars raised calculated in real time. See screenshots of each page below. 

The Allegiance WordPress plugin allowed the donation form to be embedded directly into the donation page and payment information to be entered without leaving the page, giving donors a more streamlined experience. According to Leah Davis, WBUR Associate Director, New Media, “The plugin worked well, and while we didn’t use all the features available, the microsite gave us more flexibility with pledge page design and it was a real pleasure to have the entire pledge and payment process embedded in our website.

Davis went on to say, “We’ve launched a Digital First fundraising campaign and it is very important for WBUR to be digitally engaged with our audience. With the Allegiance WordPress Plugin we were able to drive significantly more donors to social media and improved the number and frequency of posts to a huge degree. That alone was so helpful.

WBUR raised $805,595.00 from 5,957 #teamWBUR members in 26.2 hours.

Contact us at 844-858-7654 or use the form on this page to find out how the Allegiance WordPress plugin can power your next drive.