Mobile-App-Engagement-HeaderBuild Engagement with the Newest Feature of the MemberCard App

In our uber-connected world, we’ve seen donors move from online to mobile giving, and they’ve started streaming your content right from their phones; so what will we do next to keep them engaged?

Allegiance Fundraising Group is here to take it a step further and engage your members in a way that puts your station top of mind while they enjoy the 2-for-1 savings they count on. Cue geofencing; now offered in the MemberCard mobile app.

Geofencing is a way of setting up virtual boundaries around a location, generating a notification to the user. With the new technology in place, your members using their MemberCard Mobile App will receive a message when they are close to a participating benefit, reminding them to use the 2-for-1 offer nearby.

In order to take advantage of this feature, your donors will need to allow location services and push messages for the MemberCard mobile app.

This new feature is AVAILABLE NOW on both the iPhone and Android versions of the MemberCard Mobile App. Here is an example:


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