New Pledge Page Templates Now Available

Allegiance Fundraising Group has long given you the ability to customize and brand your pledge pages. Our new pledge page templates, developed with the help of many of our clients, make it easier than ever for you to create pledge pages that meet your needs.

These four new templates provide more flexibility in the areas of design and graphics; giving you the option to include premium (thank-you gift) images and related payment information, and providing the ability to make changes to fonts and colors and select whether text links or icons will be used in footers.

Which template is right for you? These questions will help you decide:

  • Do you want a sidebar to feature premiums?
  • Do you want to use radio buttons or graphic buttons for your payment options?
  • Do you want to display a footer?
  • Do you want to use embedded links or graphic links to Facebook and Instagram in your footer?

In the samples from Indiana Public Radio and WIPB-TV shown above, the radio station uses one template, while the TV station uses another. Indiana Public Radio uses the side bar with 3 premium options and does not use a footer, while the TV station has chosen to use a template without a side bar but with the same footer that appears on their home page.

Online training is available on how to customize a template with your logo and branding as well as how to add featured thank you gift images, and the basic HTML coding required to change the colors, fonts, type size, etc.