Proven Practices In Fundraising Webinar


How to Use Data to Drive Your Content Strategy & SEO

Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT

Content strategists and data nerds, this is your webinar!

Are you using data to clean up your content? To organize your content? To inform what new content you produce (the content your audience really wants, not what you think they do)??

Join us to learn how you can use different types of data to organize and produce audience- and SEO-pleasing content.

We’ll talk about how to use everything from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, backlinks and your page copy to inform your IA and produce better content. 

And, you’ll see examples of how we used data to inform and transform the content approach for a new website for the American Physical Therapy Association.

3 Learning objectives:

  • Get an update on the modern state of SEO and content strategy (Hint: your meta tag is not as important as it used to be).
  • Check out cool tools you use to improve your content audit.
  • Learn how to use data to clean up, organize and write content.