New WordPress Plugin!

Our new WordPress plugin for pledge pages will streamline your donation pages and improve your donors' experience. This fully customizable plugin offers you more control by allowing you to embed a donation form directly in your organization's existing WordPress site.

  • You can choose which input fields to display, where to embed the form, and how to arrange the featured components.
  • A donation timer can be set to display a countdown to the start or end of your campaign, and displays a custom message once the campaign concludes.
  • A donation tracker that displays the current total of donations and donors.
  • Customized donation forms can be embedded in your site.

Once the data is collected, the transactions integrate directly into Allegiance Fundraising and verified the same way you are already familiar with!

If you are new to online fundraising or need a new website, Allegiance has WordPress templates available to help get you up and running quickly and easily.

Contact your account executive for more information or pricing.